St. Simon

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St. Simon

Feast day August 21

St. Simon, also known as Simon the Zealot, was one of the twelve apostles of Jesus Christ. Here are some key points about him:

  1. Identity and Title:
  • Simon is often referred to as Simon the Zealot to distinguish him from Simon Peter, another apostle.
  • The title “Zealot” may indicate his previous membership in a Jewish nationalist movement or simply describe his zealousness for Jewish law and customs.
  1. Role as an Apostle:
  • As one of the twelve apostles, Simon the Zealot was chosen by Jesus to be part of his closest group of followers. His role involved spreading Jesus’ teachings and playing a part in the early Christian church’s formation.
  1. Biblical Mentions:
  • Simon the Zealot is mentioned in the New Testament in the lists of apostles found in the Gospels of Matthew (10:4), Mark (3:18), and Luke (6:15), as well as in the Acts of the Apostles (1:13).
  1. Historical and Legendary Accounts:
  • Historical details about Simon the Zealot’s life and ministry are scarce. However, various traditions and legends suggest he may have traveled to Persia, Egypt, and/or Armenia to spread Christianity.
  • Some accounts claim he was martyred, although the specifics vary widely between traditions. Common legends suggest he was either crucified, sawed in half, or died a peaceful death.
  1. Feast Day:
  • The Roman Catholic Church celebrates the feast day of St. Simon the Zealot on October 28, often in conjunction with St. Jude Thaddeus. The Eastern Orthodox Church commemorates him on May 10.
  1. Symbols and Iconography:
  • In Christian art, Simon the Zealot is often depicted with a saw, reflecting the manner of his martyrdom according to some traditions.
  • Other symbols associated with him include a fish (representing his role as a “fisher of men”) or a book, indicating his spreading of the Gospel.

St. Simon’s life and ministry, though not extensively documented in the Bible, highlight his dedication and zeal in following and spreading the teachings of Jesus Christ.

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