6 Steps to Raise Your Kids Up in Christ in This Difficult World

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When were you introduced to God? Were you a toddler, child, teen, or adult? Do you have a close relationship with Him? Better yet, do your children?

When do you think children should be introduced to their heavenly Father and by whom? Do you believe a child should be allowed to chose if they want to follow Christ?

God blessed us and entrusted us with our children. It is our responsibility to instruct them in who God is and how we are to live our lives to ensure we reunite with Him and all our loved ones.

It is our duty, and an honor to raise our children to know, understand, and trust our loving and faithful LORD.

Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.”

Matthew 19:14 NIV

If we don’t teach our children to follow God, the world will teach them not to.
Parents can sometimes get caught up in life. I get it. We get tired of arguing with our kids and sometimes giving in and not having them attend mass nor Bible classes is more comfortable, but we must persevere with what is truly important and in their best interest.

After all, we are talking about their soul.

Athletic, artistic, or academic successes are esteemed highly and are driven into our children from an early age. They become non-negotiables. What is vital to the parent becomes essential to the child, even if not right away.

So, it is of utmost importance that we also prioritize God in our list of non-negotiable, crucial lessons in raising children.

Here are Six Ways to Raise Christian Children.

Talk to them about God and His role in your life

Be honest, children will appreciate it and learn from it. Who is God to you? Do you talk to Him? When? About what? Do you want to get closer to Him? How will you do this? Can you do this together as a family?

Share your prayers with them- Did you pray for children?

Let them know your prayers to God and how faithfully He blessed you with them. Share your prayers for others- your friends, family, the sick, homeless, suicidal, depressed, addicted, dying, etc. This will help your children understand how we are to pray for others. You are their role model. There is no one way to pray. No right or wrong; talk to God. Tell him what is in your heart.

Pray with your children

Be specific and persistent. Pray at night as you tuck them in. Have them pray- it’s beautiful to hear what they have to say. Pray at meals. Let them listen to you be thankful for all that He provides. This will reinforce the fact that everything we have comes from God. Pray out loud when you get good news or when things go well. Pray out loud for situations or for people that could use His merciful hand. A good rule to follow is to always give thanks, pray for others, and pray for your self. Finish by giving it to Him and acknowledging that His will, will be done.

Attend Mass and Enroll in Bible Studies

It is crucial to continue to fuel on spiritual food (God’s living word). The more one immerses in the Word, the more the spiritual soul grows and develops. It is vital that you and your children attend mass and enroll in catechesis. Never stop seeking, learning, and applying God’s living Word. It is the essence of our purpose and existence.

Read the Bible and Other Christian Materials with your Children

With little ones, you can read Bible stories with pictures like “The Jesus Storybook Bible” and Christian stories, such as “When God Made You,” “I prayed for You” and so many others like these. I may be a little bias here, but the book I published, “Our Purpose” would be a great book to read with your children. Check out Amazon or Barnes and Noble for great reviews and ideas. Don’t forget your tweens. Kids are never too old to be read to or to read with. As you tuck them into bed discuss great Godly material such as, “You’re God’s Girl! A Devotional for Tweens, the Bible, or magazines, or any other Christian literature. This would be a great way to spend time together and have spiritual conversations to drive God’s message.

View Christian Movies and Follow Christian Influencers

Make it a priority to fill your child’s mind, heart, and soul with good nurtured messages. In a technological world, social media prevails. Have your kids find Christian YouTubers to follow. Social media is a powerful tool; adults should encourage children to use it wisely and for the good of oneself.
Have the leading role in preparing your child for a life with God. Yes, indeed raising Christian children in today’s world is a challenge, but it is critical. God will equip you, call on Him.


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