St. Adele

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St. Adele

Feast day August 21

St. Adele, also known as Adela or Adèle, was a notable figure in early medieval Christian history. She is remembered for her piety and dedication to the church. Here are some key points about her life and legacy:

Early Life and Background

  • Birth and Family: Saint Adele was born in the 7th century, possibly around the year 710. She was of noble birth, the daughter of King Dagobert II of the Franks and Queen Matilda.
  • Royal Lineage: Her lineage tied her to the Merovingian dynasty, which was a significant ruling family in early medieval Europe.

Religious Life

  • Widowhood and Vocation: After the death of her husband, Saint Adele chose to devote her life to religious service. She became a nun, renouncing her noble status to lead a life of poverty and devotion.
  • Abbess of Pfalzel: Adele founded the convent of Pfalzel near Trier, Germany. She served as the abbess of this convent, where she was known for her leadership and deep commitment to the spiritual and communal life of the nuns.

Death and Canonization

  • Death: Saint Adele died around the year 730. Her exact death date is uncertain, but she is commemorated on December 24th.
  • Legacy and Veneration: She was canonized as a saint, and her feast day is celebrated on December 24th. Saint Adele is venerated for her pious life and her role in the establishment and leadership of the Pfalzel convent.


  • Patron Saint: Saint Adele is often invoked as a patron saint of widows and religious women.


  • Influence: Saint Adele’s life and work had a significant impact on the Christian communities in her region. Her dedication to the monastic life and the founding of the convent at Pfalzel contributed to the spread of Christian values and monastic practices in early medieval Europe.

Saint Adele’s story is one of noble sacrifice, religious dedication, and influential leadership within the early Christian church. Her legacy continues to inspire those who seek a life of spiritual commitment and community service.

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