St. Kiara

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St. Kiara

Feast day August 21

St. Kiara, also known as Saint Cera or Chier, is an early Irish saint from the 7th century. Here are some key points about her:

  1. Historical Background: Kiara is thought to have been born in the region of present-day County Tipperary, Ireland. She is associated with the monastic traditions of early medieval Ireland, a period marked by the establishment of many religious communities.
  2. Monastic Life: Kiara became a nun and founded a convent in Kilkeary, which is located near Nenagh in County Tipperary. This convent became a center for religious life and education for women during her time.
  3. Legacy and Miracles: Kiara is remembered for her piety and dedication to the monastic life. Like many early saints, she is attributed with performing miracles. One notable miracle involved her prayers leading to the growth of an abundant crop to alleviate famine.
  4. Feast Day: Saint Kiara’s feast day is celebrated on March 5. On this day, people remember her contributions to the Christian faith and the monastic tradition in Ireland.
  5. Veneration: Although not as widely known as some other Irish saints, Kiara is venerated in specific regions of Ireland where her influence was significant. Her life and work are part of the rich tapestry of early Christian history in Ireland.

Saint Kiara’s story is an example of the important role that women played in the early Irish church, particularly in the establishment and leadership of monastic communities.

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